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Workers and others involved in worksites are always exposed to a level of health and safety risks. It is up to employees and managers to keep that level as low as possible with the necessary steps and precautions. Rental scaffolding can pose a health and safety risk to your worksite if adequate scaffolding maintenance precautions aren’t set in place. There is a correct way to utilize scaffold hire and below are the steps that should be followed by every worksite to ensure safe usage.

Harm discovery

When using scaffold hire it is first important to identify any potential hazards. This means analyzing the environment, any scaffolding supplies, and the scaffold itself.

Risk assessment

A risk assessment is necessary to become aware of the likelihood of a possible accident. It will allow you to determine how to reduce this risk and how much of a priority that risk reduction should be.

Take action

After risk assessment action should be taken depending on the priority given to the risk according to the assessment. For scaffold hire, this means substituting hazards for safety equipment such as utilizing trolleys instead of manually lifting scaffold.

Control the risk

Regular scaffolding maintenance and risk control review should be practiced to take into account any changes to the workplace as the duration of the work lengthens.

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