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Scaffolding is used in various areas of construction and maintenance and steel is the most commonly used scaffolding material. The scaffolding provides access to work locations which are high and remote. Steel scaffolding has high strength and is durable compared to other scaffoldings made of aluminium and wood. The steel scaffolding has higher weight rating and hence is used when the requirement arises to use heavy loads at heights under harsh conditions. Steel is an extremely strong and elastic material. It does not bend or fold while under load, however, at the same time it is not so rigid that it would develop cracks and other defects. When the job involved working at greater heights, steel scaffolding becomes a must as the weight of the scaffolding is quite high and is required to be supported as well.
While using scaffoldings you have to be careful and ensure that safety requirements are met. The following are some of the guidelines which can help the employers as well as the employees working on scaffoldings.

• The scaffolding safety rules should be displayed around the area where scaffoldings are erected. There should be picture descriptions for the rules for effective dissemination. The regulations for occupation, health and safety should also be properly followed.

• The scaffolding equipment should be inspected prior to every use. Damaged and worn out equipment should never be used for erecting scaffoldings.• The scaffolding should be erected on solid ground and should be inspected regularly. The scaffold manufacturers’ guidelines should be followed while erecting the same.
• The person scheduled to work on the scaffolding should be in sound health and not be feeling unwell or dizzy.
• Scaffoldings must have proper access ladders and paths; and only these should be used to go to and fro over the scaffolding. Free ladders should not be used over scaffoldings to increase height.
• Free standing scaffoldings should follow the height to base width ratio of 3:1. These tend to tip over when the ratio is higher.
• Lumber used over the scaffolding should be scaffold grade and of proper size. The planks should be properly secured and not be left loose.
• You should never ride atop a rolling scaffold as you may get injured in the process.
• Rolling scaffold should have proper brakes and those should e used prior to climbing atop for working.
• Always use sufficient manpower to move a rolling scaffold and care should be taken to avoid tipping over of the scaffold.

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