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Scaffolding is a very valuable asset in the construction industry, being the piece of equipment that allows many building tasks to happen at all. With something so important, it is vital to ensure that it is adequately maintained to keep the people using it, and those around it safe. Scaffold hire Sydney companies will often take care of major maintenance tasks and services, as these should always be done by trained professionals. However, there are some minor and day-to-day maintenance tasks you can do to keep any scaffolding supplies in good condition.

Maintenance of scaffold can include simple preventative measures and some tasks to patch up damage or wear on the surface. Anything which may affect the structure or strength of the scaffolding supplies should be dealt with by professionals to the government standards. Some maintenance tasks which may be performed include:

  • Apply WD-40 or other similar sprays onto moving parts such as wheels or extendable ladders to smooth out their movement and hold off rusting.
  • Carefully clean after use, removing any oils, paints, or dirt and dried to prevent moisture from accelerating corrosion. Moisture can be very dangerous and salty mist in the air can be damaging for scaffold hire Sydney.
  • Any damage to paint surfaces should be repaired as this acts as a preventative barrier to rusting and other damage. If the paint is broken, moisture and dirt can get trapped underneath the coat, causing structural damage.
  • Store the parts safely when not in use. Ensure that they are not under excessive pressure from other stored objects and that the scaffolding supplies cannot fall and get damaged.
  • Get professional inspections at the interval recommended by the manufacturer or after performing any significant repairs.

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