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Scaffolding supplies are a staple of the building industry, providing the ability to work safely at heights. Scaffold systems have evolved over many years and today’s scaffolds all share some similarities. Despite the range of scaffolding types for various functions, any commercial scaffold is comprised of three main parts. These are:

  1. Standards – these are the upright tubes that give height to the scaffold. They are typically wider at the bottom and transfer force to the ground to give the scaffolding supplies their strength.
  2. Ledgers – these are the pieces that join the standards together horizontally. These are important to give shape to the scaffold and help keep the standards rigid.
  3. Transoms – these lean horizontally at right angles to the ledgers, they support the structure by giving more rigidity. Transoms also support the various boards and platforms used in commercial scaffold which are vital.

Scaffolding supplies can also use a few more components that provide additional utility, strength, or support beyond the three main pieces. These can include:

  • Insulating tubes – tubes of glass fiber wrapped in a textile to protect from overhead cables.
  • Wide base plates – this helps to support the scaffold and distribute force into the ground.
  • Decks – create platforms for workers to work at various heights along the scaffold.

Crown Scaffold’s scaffolding supplies utilize all of these standard components and offer many additional parts as per your needs. Contact Crown Scaffold for your next project with commercial scaffold.

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