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Scaffolding has spread to almost every element of the construction industry and is used across a multitude of other fields. This is mostly due to how simple it is to install and use and install scaffolding supplies. They also give added convenience, reusability, and efficiency. Scaffold Sydney has evolved over the years into many different types and designs all for different use cases.

Here is some of the main use cases of scaffolding supplies, and the types of scaffolding used:

  • Construction work where the ground is free of traffic – single or double scaffolds is used which are supported by the ground below them. These should not be used if the ground has been found to be weak. They allow for multiple work platforms and ladders all the way up a wall during construction and are simple to erect and dismantle.
  • Construction where the ground is not free – cantilever scaffolds Sydney must be used when ground support is not possible. They are supported through supports called needles inserted into the wall.
  • Indoor painting and repairs – this is done with trestle scaffolding supplies, which is a work platform with movable supports. These generally have a reach of up to 5 meters.
  • High rise painting and repairs – these are performed with a suspended scaffold, which is supported from the roof by cables. The advantage of this approach is not needed to block areas below the work such as footpaths. They also are much faster to erect and more material-efficient.

Scaffolding supplies are incredibly useful pieces of equipment across construction and other industries. Different types of scaffold provided by Crown Scaffold make jobs easier, more efficient, and safer for workers across Western Sydney. Contact Crown Scaffold today to learn more about Scaffold Sydney.

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