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Dismantling scaffolding supplies safely is vital in ensuring it doesn’t damage the property or affect any of the workers nearby. Completing a project can be exciting but dismantling scaffolding should be done with care and by a contractor who is aware of the risks & hazards.

Contractors know the processes to be carried out before dismantling the scaffolding and what to look out for. While some of these steps are obvious, it is important to remember that while working at heights there will be hazards involved and to prevent these it is vital to follow these for caution and safety of all workers. The steps recommended for dismantling scaffolding are:
– Administer and check the area around the scaffolding supplies before dismantling to make sure it is safe to do so, and scaffolding hasn’t been dismantled from anywhere
– Remove any tools or extra materials from the scaffold
– Using a stairway or a ladder, access the top platform to prevent hazards
– Begin dismantling from an end bay
– Move to the below platform, then dismantle the platform planks above
– Make sure there are at least 2 remaining planks so you can pass down the dismantled materials

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