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The general guidance for any scaffolds work at a workplace is compulsory by the Safe work Australia Government body. Under the model of WHS-Act, the scaffolding services have to be classified as structural work.

For managing the risk for Safety purpose in scaffold services are as below:

  1. Identify your hazards by finding out possible wrongs things that may cause harm.
  2. Assessing risk if necessary for understanding the nature of the harm of each hazard.
  3. Check the control measures on a regular interval of time while proving Scaffold services.

The most important scaffold safety requirements include the safe design for any scaffold structural design. It’s the duty of scaffold designers to manufacture a safe design while assembling any scaffold. Some of the safety measures are:

  1. The intended use of the scaffold
  2. The load-bearing capacity of the surface where the scaffold is too erected or the suspension systems for hung or suspended scaffolds.
  3. The capacity to handle the live load and dead load on scaffold structure.
  4. Scaffold edge protection.
  5. Supporting structure.

The scaffold should be designed by an expert designer. For example, a person holding a relevant scaffolds high-risk management system which fulfills; all safety requirements for scaffolding services.

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