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Whether you use scaffolding residentially, commercially, or industrially there are a large number of laws and regulations that must be adhered to. The majority of these laws are outlined by Safework NSW a division of the Department of Customer Service. It is imperative that simple safety procedures are being followed when setting up scaffold in Sydney, for this reason, SafeWork NSW sends its inspectors to several sites across the state to ensure the compliance of these guidelines. Additionally, Safework even inspects the scaffold suppliers and installers to ensure safety between all parties involved in construction.

Inspectors have the authority to sanction fines to individuals ($720) or employees ($3600) who put the lives of others at risk from falling from high heights on Scaffolding in Sydney and NSW. Inspectors check for Australian standard scaffolds that have no missing components and are built by individuals or employees with a high-risk work license.

The laws extend beyond SafeWork NSW as there are specific laws based around “Duty of care” which apply for worksites and everyone in the workplace, including visitors. To ensure that the installers of a scaffold are legitimate a high-risk work license check can be made on http://www.licencecheck.nsw.gov.au, where the validity of licenses can be checked.  Furthermore, personal inspection should be made before use, prior to alterations and repairs, after events such as winds, storms, etc, and regular 30-day maximum intervals. Furthermore, a certificate for the scaffold should be on the worksite at all times. These laws and regulations are not looked at with a blind eye; they are enforced upon and should always be recognized by every single workplace in Australia to ensure the safety of lives.

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