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Scaffolding Rental is essential in worksites where ladders become obsolete and proper support is required to elevate workers. Safe Work Australia  outlines that scaffolding work should be erected and altered to support a platform from where a person or object could fall over four meters, this guideline should always be followed. Additionally, it needs to be ensured that your Scaffolding rental service has a legitimate scaffolding plan and design to prevent disaster from occurring at any time during construction. Overlooking a situation such as this can result in potential disaster, injury and/or death. Scaffold Hire in Sydney, is used industrially of course, residentially, and commercially. Furthermore, indoor scaffolding is required in certain situations and different conditions must be abided to.

Additionally, there are multiple types of scaffolding used by Scaffolding rental services in different situations. Those types being:

  • Birdcage Scaffold: used on work carried in a large area on a single level.
  • A-Frame trestle Scaffold: Don’t require a licensed scaffolder to erect or dismantle, used by bricklayers, painters and other similar types of work.
  • Hung Scaffold: commonly used on building work, this scaffold is held by another structure and cannot be raised or lowered when in use.
  • Single Pole Scaffold: Dependent on the structure it lays against, can be adjusted to different levels. Used mainly on work against walls
  • Suspended (swing stage) scaffold: Used on tall building, this scaffolding has the ability to be raised or lowered.
  • Tower and Mobile scaffolds: An independent scaffold which can be used at multiple levels and has great movement capabilities.

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