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Scaffolding is an essential component of any construction project or home renovation and as a result, ensuring proper safety and maintenance of scaffolding equipment is key to a safe and successful project on all scales, be it residential or even commercial or industrial.

Before commencing a home renovation project requiring the use of indoor scaffolding or residential scaffolding equipment, it is vital to inspect the equipment and set up. It should:

  • Be adequately separated from, or guarded against electric lines.
  • Be kept at a safe distance from any excavation work.
  • Be supported by a hard and flat surface.
  • Be kept well-lit when in use.
  • Have all castor wheels locked except during relocation?
  • Have any ladders safely and securely installed.
  • Have a safe entry and exit point if any are present.

Further safety recommendations and risk management techniques can be found at SafeWork Australia and SafeWork NSW.

Residential scaffolding equipment should be regularly inspected and maintained by competent professionals. Crown Scaffolding’s indoor scaffolding hires and residential scaffolds are manufactured using top quality materials and maintained to safety ratings. Crown scaffolding also provides free service quotes on residential scaffolding equipment from trusted industry professionals. Find out more and view our residential scaffold range.

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