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Homeowners keen to make additions or modifications to their home will inevitably need to consider sourcing the right scaffolding. Similarly, any construction company with a sound reputation will have to use a myriad of scaffolding for its projects. Homeowners and builders alike will need to locate the best suppliers of scaffolding. One of the prime considerations for selecting a residential or industrial scaffold supplier will invariably comprise the types of scaffolding offered.

In Australia, builders mainly rely on birdcage, single pole, suspended or cantilever scaffolding. The use of these will depend on factors such as the type of structure involved, the operational heights and the purpose of the work. However, one aspect that both builders and homeowners will need to consider will be whether they should purchase the scaffolding outright or obtain it on rent. No straightforward answers exist on which of the two options offers the best value for money. In certain situations, renting the scaffolding will be worthwhile. In others, purchasing your scaffolding outright might be the better option.

When you visit the facility of a scaffolding supplier, you will need to find the right scaffolding for your project. More importantly, you will need to ensure that the scaffolding you want complies with the prescribed Work Health and Safety standards. For instance, if the scaffolding you want has a height that exceeds four metres, you will need to obtain the relevant class of scaffolding high-risk work licence. Once you have this licence, considering certain factors could enable you to make an informed decision concerning scaffolding rental or purchase.

According to building experts, it might be better to rent your scaffolding if:

 The project will take less than three to four months for completion
 The structure you’re building exceeds six metres in height or,
 You’re building a structure with an odd shape

Similarly, consider purchasing your scaffolding if:

 The project will conclude only after four months or,
 The height of the structure does not exceed six metres in height

More often than not, the decision to purchase or rent scaffolding supplies will invariably depend on your budget and your requirements. So, you will need to consider the option that offers the best return on investment. Purchasing the scaffolding might be the best option for builders and construction companies. These entities will often work on multiple projects simultaneously. So, having the necessary scaffolding on hand could mean that you can commence the work faster. But, purchasing scaffolding will also necessitate having sufficient space for storing it when not in use. In contrast, homeowners renovating their homes will not require scaffolding for lengthy spans of time. So, renting the scaffolding for a specific time will be the more cost effective option.

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