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The material used in a scaffolding solution will have an impact on the success of the project. It can influence the time, labour requirements, and cost of a construction job, so getting the right material is essential. The main materials used in scaffolding hire Sydney are steel, aluminium and timber, each of these has a purpose and use but the two metals are most common. When deciding between steel and aluminium scaffolding supplies, there are some important factors to consider.

Steel scaffolding hire Sydney has been in use for many years and performs quite well. It has good strength and can easily support large loads in construction. It can be built to great heights and still remain sturdy and stable. Steel scaffolding supplies are however quite cumbersome to transport compared to other materials, often requiring multiple loaded trucks for large projects. This makes assembly a bit slower and more labour intensive but is necessary when the additional strength is required.

There are some major benefits of Aluminium for scaffolding supplies. Firstly, they are much lighter than steel equivalents which greatly reduce transport and assembly costs. As they are lighter, aluminium doesn’t require the same strength in the ground to support them. Steel tends to rust quite easily as it contains iron and although paint or galvanisation helps, any damage to the coating leads to rapid corrosion of the scaffolding supplies. Aluminium instead forms a protective coating of oxide across the surface which prevents water from accessing the surface to commence the corrosion process.

Aluminium scaffolding has seen a lot of favour recently in the industry with many scaffolding supplies providers opting for its lighter frame and quicker transport and assembly times. While steel scaffolding still sees use, aluminium is becoming increasingly sought after. For more information on the latest materials developments for scaffolding, visit Crown Scaffold, experts in scaffolding hire Sydney.

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