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Working at heights is known to be one of the most high-risk activities that pose several hazards within the workforce. In Australia between 2015 & 2019, there were a total of 112 fall-related deaths, and 40% of the total fatalities related to falls had been accounted for by the construction industry.

When finding a supplier that offers scaffolding services it is important to ensure they have government-approved safety ratings and their workers are trained with the scaffolding services provided.

Stability of the scaffolding

Using scaffolding supplies to work at heights can have potential hazards, but if the supplies are not stabilized, they can cause workplace accidents. Having a scaffold that isn’t firm and stable, but has a loose part can cause the whole scaffold to collapse causing fatalities to any workers that were on there during that time.

Slippery surfaces when the scaffolding is wet

A number of workers on scaffolds will often dismiss the slippery surfaces caused by the rain, paint, and spills. While working, however, it is important to make sure this doesn’t happen. While a worker may ignore these and continue with their work, they could potentially slip resulting in a major injury.

Objects falling on the ground

While workers are at risk, a person that is occasionally walking by could be injured if an object is dropped from above. While workers are working from heights, they may drop objects accidentally. To prevent hazards like this, ensure workers are aware of these hazards and how they can be prevented.

The team here at Crown scaffolding ensure we provide the safest scaffolding services for our client by providing the highest-quality units with government-approved safety ratings. Contact Crown Scaffold to learn more.

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