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Scaffolding rental is a continuously growing industry in the Australian market. Small scaffold businesses make up roughly 35% of the industry with the remanding share being made up of mid to large companies that offer other services other than scaffolding rental. Due to technological advancements in recent years, these smaller businesses involved in industrial scaffold have been able to take a large segment of the market share due to a trait of flexibility and ability to make big changes far quicker than large companies that are more structured and seem to be set in stone in the way they handle their operations.

The technological advancements being incorporated by scaffolding rental businesses involves the introduction of more mechanical aids to assist in the handling of materials. Robotic equipment is being seen used at many worksites and complex hoists and lifts that prove to be effective in saving time and labor costs. The industrial scaffold industry will likely never be automated, at least until a very long time. Hence, the biggest risk in the industry remains to be human error. The human mind will always find a way to evolve its methods to be more effective whereas a robot can only perform the actions it will be programmed to do. Therefore, the lack of automation in the industry is an asset that will continue to be used for many many years to come.

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